Son of a legendary singer, songwriter, Wayne Bartlett, Damon was brought up in the world of music since birth.

He’s co-produced many talented artists throughout his musical career and in recent years, he and his wife, Sally Bartlett composed and produced their own smooth jazz music all out of their recording studio in Las Vegas,   nomaD studiO vegaS     

In addition to having extensive professional knowledge for the technical side of music, Damon has an ear at an orchestral level, melding instruments together whether by tracking, mixing or mastering, and bringing in accompanists to give the live “feel” and performance a given song needs. With decades of experience recording and mixing, he has an ear for detail, and quality.

Damon plays bass guitar, keyboards, and some drums, although he says he can program drums better. He’s been involved around music with midi and computers since digital audio was introduced into the music scene and has a fluid knowledge of Digital Audio Workstations.

Bass guitar is her forte, but Sally didn’t start there. With a musical mother playing the organ for her, she developed a love for music at a very young age.

She played the clarinet for over a decade in her early childhood, tinkered with sax and switched to the bass, starting with R&B and then set herself free to learn many other genres. Like Damon, she too had developed an ear for components in an orchestra growing up.

Creating and producing music fell into the picture after she and Damon decided to fully focus on their own album.

“We complement each other and seem to read each others minds. We feed off each other.”

Dreaming up a song, laying down its foundation, and assisting Damon with the bells and whistles is now a part of her musical creativeness.

 Just over a decade ago... two musicians from the west coast  met each other in a show they both landed in Vegas, THE Prince Tribute Show, "Purple Reign".  From there, a  true love story for Damon and Sally was created from a common musical ground.

Sally Bartlett

Damon Bartlett